Monthly Candle Giveaway

Your Opinion Means the World!
We love to hear your thoughts and views about our products! Your opinions keep us focused on what and how we can do better. To express our thanks, we will giveaway a candle to a lucky winner.  Submitting your review will earn an admission into the monthly drawing of a free studio candle. 1 review = 1 entry, 2 reviews = 2 entries, 3 reviews = 3 entries… and so on.

We can only accept reviews on products that you have purchased. The drawing is held on the last day of each month. We will contact the winner to confirm the fragrance choice.


Hey Marlee,
Yes it is. In fact the first drawing will be held on July 31st.

BTW…I loved your review! Thank you!

I too was a bit leery thinking the fragrance would smell like a big ‘ole tomato. Not even close. It’s my favorite for the summer. Good luck!

Julie July 06, 2019

Great contest. Is this new? I just entered for Dew and Vine.

Marlee K July 06, 2019

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