Mosley Lane is an Ohio business, family owned and operated.

The name Mosley Lane was coined after two very impressive people.

Although, they have taken their place in heaven, we will always be inspired by their passion, devotion and encouragement. There are four of us that you may touch base with.

Julie, Dana, Kelsey & Rae.



Mosley Lane is a manufacturer of plant-based soy wax candles, melts, pillar and votive candles. We also offer fragrance oil that we use to scent our products.



Mosley Lane’s creativity is produced daily in Oxford, Ohio.

Oxford is a college town, home to the beautiful campus, Miami University. We are located between Cincinnati and Dayton in the south western part of the state, minutes from the Indiana border. Like most small businesses we started out in the kitchen, moved to the dining room, garage, on to the basement and finally found our home in a studio located conveniently on our property.



Mosley Lane was born in September, 2001 under the name The Rustic Peddler.



Mosley Lane believes in producing quality made in the USA, fabulous
smelling products that are eco-friendly, socially responsible and
reasonably priced in conjunction with outstanding customer service.


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