Our Holiday Home · Pillar Candle

The natural color of the feathered finish is slightly translucent. As the candle burns, the flame will illuminate the shell to produce a stunning light show! Even when unlit, the entire surface area of the pillar candle will emit a gentler account of the fragrance.
Our Holiday Home - Bring your wild and crazy holiday home to life with this cheerful blend of orange marmalade, apple, balsam, fir, oak and spicy notes of cinnamon stick and clove.

Top: Cranberry, Apple
Middle: Orange, Woods
Base: Spice

Net Wt. 16oz
Pillar Width – 3 | Pillar Height – 4½
Rate - 40+ hours
Net Wt. 22oz
Pillar Width – 3 | Pillar Height – 6½
Rate - 60+ hours
Net Wt. 26oz
Pillar Width – 4 | Pillar Height – 4½
Rate - 70+ hours
Net Wt. 38oz
Pillar Width – 4 | Pillar Height – 6½
Rate - 80+ hours

Hand poured using RSPO-certified palm wax, cotton wick, premium grade fragrance & essential oil blends.
Read more about RSPO certification.

Melted wax is not for use on body.

Palm pillar candles burn in a slightly different manner compared to traditional paraffin wax pillar candles. When used properly, your pillar will burn leaving a ½ inch shell. Always place pillar on a heat resistant plate and trim wick to ¼ inch.

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