Pillar Candle · Sizes & Care

Net Wt. 16oz
Width – 3"w · 4½"h
Rate - 40+ hours
Net Wt. 22oz
3"w · 6½"h
Rate - 60+ hours
Net Wt. 26oz
Width – 4"w · 4½"h
Rate - 70+ hours
Net Wt. 38oz
Width – 4"w · 6½"h
Rate - 80+ hours

Hand poured using RSPO-certified palm wax, cotton wick, premium grade fragrance & essential oil blends.
Read more about RSPO certification.

Melted wax is not for use on body.

Palm pillar candles burn in a slightly different manner as compared to traditional paraffin wax pillar candles.

  • First lighting - Burn only until the melt pool reaches ½" from outer edge.
  • Extinguish, allow to cool and trim wick to ¼ inch.
  • Subsequent burns - Burn only until melt pool reaches ½" from outer edge.

When used properly, your pillar will burn leaving a ½ inch shell. Always place pillar on a heat resistant plate.