Harvest Marmalade

Harvest Marmalade · Pillar Candle

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The natural color of the feathered finish is slightly translucent. As the candle burns, the flame will illuminate the shell to produce a stunning light show! Even when unlit, the entire surface area of the pillar candle will emit a gentler account of the fragrance.

Spices of cinnamon, clove and ginger warm fruity notes of cranberry, apple and orange zest.

Top: Orange Zest, Apple
Middle: Cinnamon, Cranberry
Base: Clove, Ginger
Melt Sizes, Details & Care

Fluted - Package of Six
Net Wt. 6oz - 50+ hours
Net Wt. 3oz - 25+ hours
Net Wt. 3oz - 25+ hours

Melted wax is not for use on body.

Unlike a candle, the wax will remain behind after the fragrance has evaporated. To remove the spent wax from your warmer, allow the wax to cool and place warming bowl into the freezer for approximately ten minutes. The wax will pop out easily.

- For use in a wax melt approved electric or tea light warmer.
- Do not add water.
- Keep away from children and pets.


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Harvest Marmalade · 3 x 4 Pillar Candle
Harvest Marmalade · Pillar Candle
Harvest Marmalade ·  3x 6 Pillar Candle
Harvest Marmalade · 4x4 Pillar Candle
Harvest Marmalade · 4x6 Pillar Candle
  • Plant Based - Natural Wax

  • Cruelty-Free

  • Handcrafted in the USA